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Fixing the Flutter “Android sdkmanager tool not found” error

Recently my interest in mobile app development was rekindled. Of the cross-platform development options out there, Flutter interested me the most. Using the toolkit seems to keep developers more sane than working with React Native and I’ve been meaning to take a deeper dive into the Dart language to see what all the fuss is about. So I decided to give it a shot.

After downloading the Flutter SDK and Android Studio as explained here, I ran flutter doctor to see if my setup was good to. Unfortunately it wasn’t, and it told me: Android sdkmanager tool not found

This seemed to be a common issue and apparently there are various ways to address it, but for me this is what eventually worked:

  1. Open SDK Manager in Android Studio
  2. Navigate to the SDK Tools tab
  3. Uncheck Hide Obsolete Packages at the bottom
  4. Select and install Android SDK Tools (Obsolete)
Flutter - Install Android SDK Tools (Obsolete)

After following those steps, I re-ran flutter doctor and everything was straight. All I had left to do was install the Flutter plugins for Android Studio and VS Code.

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